About us

We love cycling, be seen and safe !


Who we are ?

Like you we are cyclist, and we use our bike for many purposes during the day.

We know that riding a bike is cheaper, healthier, cleaner, quieter and sometimes faster than driving a car.

But how can we be respected on the road if nobody sees us?

We find that the major issue on the road is usually the visibility while riding our bikes.

If we cycle in the city or in the countryside, the better you can be seen the safer you are.

Most cyclists use yellow jacket and random light to be visible, but is it enough ?

More and more people are using bike to go working nowadays, and it's time to be seen and safe on our daily commute.

That's why, Blink Bike have looked for a solution to be sure that every rider can enjoy their journey safely.


Our Mission 

We, at Blink Bike, want to make sure that every cyclist can travel safely on the road.

By using the right light we can minimize the impact of not being seen by the cars or any motor vehicles.

Safety is the most important for us, and we as cyclists knows what are the dangers of the road.

Our mission is to offer a useful and powerful product that match cyclists expectation and improve their riding experience.

Blink Bike provide a smart and efficient technology of led indicator signal to make sure car drivers can see us anytime, in any situation.


Why choose Blink Bike ?

Because we offer one of the latest led signal indicator technology, combined with a powerful flashing light.

Because our leds are IPX6 water resistant and make you visible even during heavy rainy days.

Because our flashing light can be used for at least 3 hours continuously.

Because, our goal is to offer a top end product and make sure you will be properly seen by everyone on the road.

Certification & specification Blink Bike

Enjoy your ride !

Be seen and safe with Blink Bike.


City rider on bike with blinker Blink Bike