Why turning indicator signal for a bike ?

Most bike do not require a license to operate and share the road with cars and other fast moving vehicles.

Changing lane for a cyclist without warning, can lead to great injury especially at night but also during the day.
Cyclists can use their hands to show their intention but using an indicator turning light can decrease the risks of losing control of the
bike, and increase safety for the user.

Any bicyclist could safely and easily controls the turning lights signal without removing their hands from the handlebars.

Indicator light can simply avoid injuries or damage for the rider.

Unfortunately, many bike shop do not provide such kind of equipment when you purchase a bike, even E-bike are not equipped properly to increase security by offering this type of extra warning.

The cyclist community is growing all around the world, and mostly in busy cities, where the traffic is heavy at peak time.
Many companies also offer bike scheme to work for their employee, which is a very good initiative to help people understand the benefits of using a bike.

Bike are quiet, healthier for the user, and sometime faster than using a car.
But do they have the proper equipment?

Does people are informed about the danger of not being seen by the other road users, such as cars, motorbike, bus, ...

Bike safety is becoming a major issue for the cities, especially at night time.

Bike rider could improve their safety by using helmet, yellow jacket and powerful bike light, but what about a turning indicator light?

An easy system can be develop and be spread over the cyclist community by making sure they do not put themselves in danger when they want to turn.

A smart device that allows bicyclists to indicate their intention without having to take their hands off the handle bar.

A system that simply consist of a front and rear lights, with at least 3 different mode, like a flash light, and turning signal left or right.

By only using their fingers, cyclists could eliminate or decrease the use of hand signals, thus preventing injuries.

Bicycle riders share public road with others and are subject to the same rules and regulations, such as having lights and reflectors when
riding at night.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 29% of bike injuries are caused by collisions with car and 48% of these fatalities occurred between 4:00 pm to 11:59 pm when the sun is setting.

We could reduce these numbers by having the proper equipment to be more visible at night, especially when the cyclists are weaving through traffic lanes with
other motorists.

But what will be the best equipment for cycling through the traffic?

Of course we could think about having more cycle ways, like in Holland, but bear in mind that the Netherlands have built road by considering first the bike users.
This is why, in this lovely country, the priority is for the cyclist, and you can enjoy your ride in more security.

While Netherlands is the paradise for cycling, other European cities are just hell!

Most of the cyclists are not even consider by other road users.
We constantly have to fight to be seen, or showing or intention. Cycle way are mostly not respected by cars, causing a situation where you will probably put yourself in danger by overtaking a car standing on the cycle way.

As a cyclists we have to be extremely cautious when we go for a ride, or to work. It can easily become a nightmare in a messy traffic !

But for sure it won't stop us riding our bike, thanks to the growing community, and the impact on the environment, we can see some improvement day by day.

So let's be patient, positive, and continue to share the numerous benefits of cycling around us.

Yeah, But finally how to be seen and safe!

Safety first, every cyclist should have the proper equipment, especially when cycling in the darkness.

What is sure, is the car always wins, no matter which direction the cars are going, if you are hit, you'll certainly feel it ...

Of course, as a cyclist, you can play the game by saying "I'll see them first, I will anticipate, and I will get out of the way if they don't see me"

But you can never know what intention, or crazy things a car driver can do, you can't be in their mind.

I've experienced it myself by going through a roundabout, and what I didn't expect is that the car will stop in the middle of the roundabout for no reasons ...
No cars coming, the lady just stop, being on the side I could slightly turn my handlebar at the last moment, but I've still hit the car with my shoulder.

So yes, we have to be extra cautious, even confirmed or professional rider can be taken by surprise.
Using a light can dramatically increases the odds that a car will see you, and a light also means you are much more likely to be seen or see any obstacle happens to be lying in wait ahead.

It doesn't mean that a light makes a night rider infallible. But powerful lights make a big safety difference in the bike-car equation

I was myself not using light before.
"I don't need that, I'll see them before they'll see me."

This behavior is quiet unconscious, I was constantly riding with no light at night.

After nearly being knocked by a car, on a night ride, I understood that I could avoid this stupid situation by just having a light.
It could have helped me to see what was in front of me. Now I don't take any chances.

Lights are even more important in winter, when cyclists—commuters roads every night. 
Flip on a good lighting system and you'll see your ride differently, more safe, more comfortable, an extra safety that make your ride more enjoyable.

On top of it, if you can be equipped with a powerful flashing light, and indicator turn signal you'll be riding more in peace.

But don't forget to always watch out before you turn, a turning indicator light is only meant to show your intention.

Now that you know the importance of having a good lightning system, you can surely make your choice of riding with or no light.
Bear in mind that they are an essential year-round riding accessory.

Just be seen and ride safe !